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High Performance Leadership

Would you like to IMPROVE YOUR PRODUCTIVITY BY MORE THAN 60%? Are you a Leader that wants to get to the next level? Join us on 27th, 28th and 29th of September 2017 for the High Performance Leadership Workshop to take your leadership skills and productivity to the next level!

Youth Programs

“I was not able to handle negative peer pressure when I was in Form 2. In addition to being a D student, I was expelled from school for disciplinary reasons. After attending the Peak Performance International Program, I made a personal decision to go back to school and became committed to my academics. I graduated with an A in my KCSE”. ~ Marvin W.

Corporate Programs

“Our business was performing badly and the existing culture was not taking us where we wanted to go. It was either change or die….our unique transformational experience with Peak Performance Int. and their professionalism allows me to unreservedly recommend them to anyone.” ~ Frank Ireri, CEO, HF.



Genius Activator Parents Workshop

Dates: July 7th, August 4th, Sept 1st, Dec 1st - FREE OF CHARGE!

Candidates Parents Workshop

Dates: July 28th, November 3rd - FREE OF CHARGE!

Genius Activator Program

Dates: August 6th - 7th, August 13th - 14th, Sept 15th - 16th, Oct 13th - 14th, Nov 5th - 6th, Nov 12th - 13th, Nov 26th - 27th, Dec 3rd - 4th, Dec 10th - 11th

Candidates Program

Dates: August 8th - 10th, August 15th - 17th, November 7th - 9th, November 14th - 16th, December 13th - 15th

High School Students Program

Dates: 20th 24th August, 26th November - 7th December. 17th - 21st December

Stepping Out

Dates: 19th - 20th December



The biggest thing I like about the High Performance Leadership Program is the way it develops competitive leaders by focusing on developing the whole person

Linus Gitahi

High Performance Leadership Academy

After the program, my son moved from being a C student, to a B for the first time. In 2nd term, got an A- in his Mocks exam and in the final exam, he had an A…


Performance Accelerator Candidates Program

I brought my daughter in Class 8 and now she scores 100% in Maths, 96% in Science, 98% in CRE. We can see she has done well.


Performance Accelerator Candidates Program

This HPL program met and exceeded my expectations. It has made me a more resourceful, more vibrant leader and the skills learnt were very practical and enriching

Raymond Mulati

Director of Public Service Commission



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Youth Calendar 2017

January 13, 2017

Youth Calendar 2017

Please scroll through the dates in the calendar below to view scheduled youth events and programs for 2017. YOUTH DEPT. CALENDAR 2017 ...