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Founders Story



James Gitau founded Peak Performance International in 2000 after he underwent a soul- searching and a life transformational journey.

james gitau peak performancePrior to the journey, his main focus was to build financial abundance and enjoy life. James grew up in a family where scarcity was the norm. As a young boy, he promised himself to become financial wealthy so that his family would never go through the same experience of scarcity and ridicule like he had.

After a few years of working with International agencies, James ventured into what he had always dreamt of doing-the world of business where he established himself as a leader in his chosen fields. Though his businesses grew rapidly, James had this nagging feeling that he had more to share with world than just create financial abundance.

In his search for depth, James came across the teachings of Tony Robbins and later on of many other great transformational teachers. He became an ardent student of neuroscience, advanced psychology, health and spirituality. Using what he had learnt, he was able to overcome deep-rooted smoking and alcohol drinking habits instantaneously as well as lose more than 25kgs. This was just but the beginning of a new path of his life journey. He quit his other enterprises so he could focus sufficiently on equipping people with tools that help them improve personal performance and the quality of their lives.

James and his team has had the privilege and honor of working with over 200,000 people and more than 200 corporates on three continents.James believes that we all come to this world for a purpose. Finding why we are truly here will lead to one tapping deeper into her potential as well as experiencing a journey of joy, peace and fulfillment.

James is married to Esther. He is a father of four, a grandfather to 6 and still counting.


Our Vision

Transformed people; positively changing Africa.

Our Mission

To develop and make available world class transformational programs that help ordinary people achieve extraordinary results.

Our Beliefs

We live in a world of boundless resources where everybody has the capacity to transform their lives and experience that abundance.

Our Core Values

Continuous and Never-ending Improvement (C.A.N.I)
Always doing our best

Meet just a few of the many dedicated, enthusiastic, collaborative and mildy workaholic people who add real edge and variety to our organization. We could not reach this far without such a winning team.