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Candidates Performance Accelerator Program


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Would you like your child to achieve outstanding results? This revolutionary program uses the newest studying and learning techniques that assists Candidates pass their exams in a short period.


Some shocking statistics:

In 2014, there were 880,487 candidates who sat the KCPE exam. Prof Kaimenyi indicated that about 607,000 candidates, who scored more than 200 marks would get Form One places, leaving out 280,000 candidates that would miss a school for Form One. It was also revealed that 49.61% of all candidates scored 251 marks and above, meaning that nearly half of the candidates scored half of the marks tenable in KCPE.

This is how the 937,467 KCPE candidates performed in the 2015 KCPE exam;

  • About 7,560 got more than 400 marks.
  • 201,986 students attained marks between 301 and 400.
  • Some 499,568 scored between 201 and 300.
  • 215, 614 scored from 101 to 200 marks.
  • 3,061 less than 100 points.

All these students are competing for just about 700,000 available spaces in secondary schools across the country.

In the KCSE examination in 2014, about 149,717 candidates attained the minimum university entry qualification of C+ compared to 123,365 candidates in 2013. This represents just 30.8% of the 483,620 candidates who sat the exams. What happened to more than 300,000 students?

Do you wonder in which group will your child fall in when the results come out next year?

Our Promise and Solution to Parents of Candidates:

Peak Performance International promises to equip your child with effective study techniques that will enable them qualify for their dream National School or University.

We have designed a highly effective program based on the best exam passing techniques in the world, to give your child superior advantage. Our techniques apply Accelerated Learning methods. These tried and tested methods result in neurological stimulation of the brain that restores the brain’s natural ability to learn fast and recall the study content – making this program highly effective.

By enrolling your child for this course, you could change their destiny and thus save yourself lots of frustration and thousands of shillings in the future.

Current Learning Methods:

Most schools depend highly on the following conventional learning techniques:

  • Lecturing and dictation.
  • Use of Rote learning-students are expected to memorize by repetition.
  • Drilling students to pass final examination by use of past papers.
  • Taking disciplinary action on poor performance.
  • These traditional teaching methods have not been known to yield extra ordinary results.

If we look at cramming for instance, when students cram for an examination, their brains do not retain the information. Immediately after cramming, students may feel as though they are experts on the subject matter. However, when the test comes the next morning or a few hours later, the information has left their brain.

These conventional methods are designed to suit the left side of the brain. The paradox is that the left side of the brain does not control long term memory, instead the right side does. This explains why most students have to read over and over again, since they have been trained to use the left brain.


Our Special Candidates programs are designed with the in-depth understanding of the educational structure that your child has been accustomed to. We make it our job to set your child for long term success.

This program will help your child to engage whole brain learning in their studies as opposed to the traditional left brain learning.

Register for our next Candidates Performance Accelerator Program. For more information, click the downloadable brochure.


For more information on this program, click the downloadable brochure.

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2 reviews for Candidates Performance Accelerator Program

  1. 4 out of 5
    Rated 4 out of 5


    My daughters’ performance had gone down and her attitude towards books was poor- she had accepted she would not do well and had stopped caring about her books. When she came to this training, we immediately we saw a change in her attitude, she started to read, worked hard and passed in her final exam with a B. She has now been invited to university and we are really happy for that.

  2. 5 out of 5
    Rated 5 out of 5


    I was an average student when it came to my studies. I really wanted to be a doctor but I knew my grades were not going to get me there. My parents enrolled me for the Peak Performance International Program and I must admit that this was the best gift ever. While there I learnt the power of focus and setting high standards. When I went back to school I worked hard and got an A- in KCSE

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Start On 2018-08-08
Duration 2 Days
Level Beginner
Institution Peak Performance Center
Branch Kindaruma Road, Top Plaza 3rd Floor Suite 4.
Price KSh35,970.00

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