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High School Students Program for Form 1, 2 & 3


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Program Overview

At this age your child is at a critical developmental stage. It is very important that they receive the right guidance and tools.

Children in  FORM 1, 2 & 3


  • Develop a poor relationship with you as the parent.
  • Succumb to the allure of risky behavior.
  • Develop negative attitude and become rebellious.
  • Focus more on their friends and pay little attention to academics


For over a decade, we have focused on helping the youth unleash their God given potential and thus becoming more successful in key areas of life.

It is very important that your child receives the right guidance and tools at different stages of life. Between the ages of 15-17 years, your child is at a critical developmental stage of transiting from teenage to adulthood. During this period, you may have noticed some of these behaviors in your teen:

  • Difficulty holding back or controlling their emotions.
  • A preference for spending time in the shopping mall.
  • A preference for high excitement and low effort activities (video games, movies, parties and social media).
  • Poor planning and judgment.
  • More risky and impulsive behaviors including experimenting with drugs and alcohol.
  • They spend more time with friends and less time with you.

Your child is experiencing major changes in 3 different levels:

  • Social / emotional.
  • Intellectual/cognitive.
  • Brain Development.

Some of the changes taking place at this age include the following;

Social / Emotional

  • Movement towards Independence.
  • Develop humor.
  • Attraction to risk.
  • Ability to compromise when making decisions.
  • Identity crisis.
  • Explore and test ideas, values, morals, religious and political beliefs.
  • They spend a significant amount of time daydreaming about their future.
  • Develop and voice their own opinions.
  • They are influenced by peer groups in short-term day to day matters such as clothing style, music, and choice of friends.
  • They may be anti-social and hardly communicate with you.

Intellectual / Cognitive

At this age your child is also going through rapid intellectual / cognitive changes. You may note some of the following:

  • Growth in abstract thought.
  • Tend to be self-absorbed.
  • Understanding the long-term effects of their decisions. However, teens tend to use these skills inconsistently; as a result, they sometimes do things without thinking first.
  • Teens tend to juggle school, extracurricular activities and leisure.
  • Teens frequently question and challenge school and parental rules.


Brain Development

Scientists have discovered that brain development during teenage years impacts their behavior.

We shall look at 4 key parts of the teenage brain that controls their behavior at this stage:

  • Cerebellum – This is the region of the brain that is important for physical activities, coordination and interest in recreational activities. This part is fully mature at this stage and it explains why teenagers like and enjoy recreational activities.
  • Amygdala – This region is responsible for emotional reaction and is fully mature at this stage. Teens tend to make their decisions and react on the basis of emotions; this can be frustrating to the parents.
  • Nucleus Accumbens – This part of the brain is responsible for creating the urge in teenagers to prefer high excitement, low effort activities. This region is developing rapidly at this stage this explains why teens like spending a lot of time watching tv, on social media and playing video games.
  • Neo Cortex – This is the part of the brain that is responsible for rational decision making. This part does not mature until an individual turns 25 years. This explains why sometimes your teenage child makes irrational decisions.

If this stage is not properly managed, it can impact on your child’s academic performance, attitude, self esteem and character.


Held every school holiday ,our TWO WEEK programs are designed with the in-depth understanding of the different developmental stages of your child. We make it our job to set your child for long term success.

This program will help your child handle the challenges of their emerging adolescence. We employ the neuro science of change and success conditioning.

This program is entertaining, exciting, educative and empowering. It will thrill your child and completely transform him/her. Using advanced teaching techniques that are fun and easy to follow, we have transformed thousands of children.


  • Discover and appreciate their personality.
  • Identifying own strengths and weaknesses.
  • How to build Self esteem and confidence.
  • How to handle media and internet.
  • How to develop a career plan.
  • How to build better relationships with parents, teachers and siblings.
  • Handle boy/girl relationships.
  • Learn to overcome negative peer influence.
  • How to manage their time and be focused on their goals.
  • And much more.


Your child will have the following benefits and much more:

  • Your child will have more focus and improve in their academic performance.
  • Know the areas of personal growth she/he needs to improve on thus creating a balanced character with a winning attitude.
  • Have higher levels of self worth and confidence.
  • Better relationships with parents, teachers and others.
  • Your child will understand how to apply self control in all they do and in so doing, improve their decision making abilities.
  • Ability to set and achieve goals.
  • Enhanced emotional intelligence.
  • More open to dialogue.

Your investment
Ksh 37,970
This amount covers the following:

  • Training facilitation.
  • Training materials.
  • Lunch for both days.
  • Two teas and snacks for both days.
  • Briefing of parents from 1645-1800 hours on the last day of the training.
  • Certificate of attendance upon completion of the training.
  • Taxes.


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1 review for High School Students Program for Form 1, 2 & 3

  1. 5 out of 5
    Rated 5 out of 5


    I was not able to handle negative peer pressure when I was in Form 2. In addition to being a D student, I was expelled from school for displinary reasons. After attending the Peak Performance International Program, I made a personal decision to go back to school and became committed to my academics. I graduated with an A in my KCSE.

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Start On 2018-04-23
Duration 2 Weeks
Level Beginner
Institution Peak Performance Center
Branch Kindaruma Road, Top Plaza 3rd Floor Suite 4.
Price KSh37,970.00

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