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Toddler Maths


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Did you know that between the age of 4 months to 2.5years is the perfect time to introduce your baby to numbers and quantities?

You see as your baby is developing, there are windows of opportunity that are presenting themselves at each stage. A “windows of opportunity” is the ideal or perfect time for the child to aquire a particular skill. Between the age of 4 months to 2 .5 years, your baby’s window of opportunity to develop a knowledge and undestanding of quanities and numbers is ripe.

At this age, your baby has an amazing ability know as sabitizing ;- the ability to accurately and speedily judge the quantity of items presented without error. This means that if you flash out an image with say 48 dots or pictures placed randomly, your baby is able to in a split second accurately judge that they are 48 dots or pictures and not 47 or 49.

The toddler Maths series is carefully designed to help your baby take full advantage oft this windowm of opportunity. By signing up for it, you are giving your baby an opportunity to develop a fantastic and easy relationship with numbers, develop extreme concentration, develop logic which will help them with rational decision making as they grow. You cannot be by your child’s side all days every day; but you can equip them with skills to help them make rational decisions and be competitive in this ever changing and challenging environment. We have made it easy for you, just subscribe, pay via MPESA or card and proceed to view the lessons. We have done the work for you, all you need to do is log in, place your baby 2 meters away from the laptop/tv/computer and watch.


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    I need to bring my CHILDREN (4 and 9 years) this August holiday

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Start On 2017-01-03
Duration 2M
Level Beginner
Institution Peak Performance Center
Branch Kindaruma Road, Top Plaza 3rd Floor Suite 4.

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