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What’s the origin of Toddler Maths?

What’s the origin of Toddler Maths?

In the late 1960’s, Dr. Robert Ornstein and Dr. Roger Sperry discovered that there are two vastly different functioning brains within the outer part of the brain — the right and the left hemisphere. They found that each hemisphere contains a distinct personality, or set of characteristics, opposite from the other.

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At the same time, Glenn Doman, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, began working with stroke victims and discovered that certain movements stimulated brain development. When applying those movements to “normal” children, he got dramatic results.

Combining flashcards of words and “math spots” with visual stimulation and physical movement, Doman accelerated development in children beginning in infancy. This led the way for new brain-building techniques that began to tap both sides of the brain.

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In Japan, Makoto Shichida began to use these methods and accelerated learning techniques with very young children, beginning prenatally. He found that young children quickly assimilated all forms of information when given in specific “right-brain friendly” ways.

His children were speed reading, solving complicated equations, composing music and other amazing feats well before six years of age. His methods were so successful that in the late 1980’s, Shichida’s discoveries were purchased by a businessman who created a franchise of over 350 Shichida Child Academies in Japan with phenomenal success.

What are the Benefits of Toddler Maths?
Benefits for your baby

The benefits are immense. By allowing your child to play with Toddler Math, you are helping your child build a rich subconscious library of information. With Toddler Math, your child will naturally want to learn more about the world around her eagerly building her growing mental library which will result in tremendous whole brain acceleration (you boost your child’s brain development).

As a result, your child will grow up with;

  • An ability to easily understand quantities and numbers and therefore develop a love for mathematics.
  • An ability to quickly and accurately analyze a situation and make an informed decision.
  • A high level of concentration and focus.
  • An ability to learn math and make logical decisions easily, giving them a competitive edge in math and logic in the future.
  • More time for others things instead of spending huge amounts of time struggling with math.

Benefits for you

Your child will have more time to play and be a child, while you save on time, frustrations and money on spent extra tuitions in math in the future.
You will give your child a great foundation to his/her future.

We’ve made everything easy for you to give your child what every parents wishes for- a solid educational head start. Subscribe, get your free trial, and if you like it purchase a longer package via Credit Card or MPESA and proceed to have fun as you turn your child into a math genius using a proven system.

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